Nominate your blog for the avant-garde bloggies awards 2009

7 December 2009 6 comments

Blogging contests The avant-garde bloggies awards 2008 was quite a hit in the Indian blogosphere [despite my absence😉 ] and the second edition is here.

If you want to participate in the said blogging contest nominate your blog posts by 20 December 2009 (10 am IST). You can nominate your own blog posts or nominate someone else. Please note that only post published between 1 January 2009 to December 15, 2009 are eligible for the nomination. Hop over to Poonam’s blog for full details and the procedure.

If you are looking for some great reading and time pass then see the awarded posts of the 2008 avant-garde Blogging contest awards. Visit the link to meet some great bloggers and make new blog friends.:)


Gender Sensitization Against Sexual Harassment in Campuses: Role of Student Community

14 November 2009 34 comments

Sexual harassmentThis is an essay on the issue of sexual harassment in university Campuses and the role of the student community in its prevention. This essay was submitted as an entry to the GSCASH [Gender Sensitisation Commmittee Against Sexual Harassment, JNU] Essay writing and poster making competition on the issue [see details] and won the first prize [4k Rupees]. I also presented this paper in the GSCASH seminar recently organised in the JNU campus. I had also made a comics on the issue of sexual harassment and will publish it soon.

I have enumerated some 25 points in about 2100 words. GSCASH in a very reputed body in the Jawaharlal Nehru Univerisity campus. It was formed following the guidelines on the prevention and deterrence of sexual harassment in the workplace laid down by the Supreme Court of India in its 13 August 1997 judgement on the Writ Petition (Criminal) Vishaka vs. State of Rajasthan, the Vice-chancellor of JNU appointed a Working Group on Sexual Harassment headed by Professor Karuna Chanana on 5 September 1997. Read more about it on the JNU website. It oversees issues like workplace harassment, gender discrimination, harassment on the job, harassment complaints and such like.

The Essay: Full Text

Gender sensitization against Sexual harassment in campuses is a sine qua non of peaceful and respectful living. Sexual harassment can happen at work places, institutions, in the family or on the streets. Even in an enlightened institution like a university campus (including the JNU campus), sexual harassment cannot be very uncommon. Bad people are everywhere and often the wolves are in sheep’s clothing.

This essay is not any scholarly, academic attempt to pen down a few thousand words suitable for publication in some academic journal. This essay is my observation on the issue ­— gender sensitization against sexual harassment in campuses and the role of student community — and will also touch on issue relating to prevention and prohibition among other things.

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Essay on millennium development goals: How to achieve the various social goals in India

14 November 2009 7 comments

This 800 words essay was written in response to the Mera India Bridge the Gap Essay Contest. It was very hurriedly written (not at all a scholarly attempt) in less than one hour and comprises of my creative ideas on how to achieve the various social goals in India. It did not win any prize needless to say. It will be useful for anybody looking for an essay on topics like Corruption in India, poverty eradication, education, gender disparities, women’s environment etc.

Millennium Development Goals: How should we deliver on these promises?

Millennium Development Goals (hereafter MDGs) are to be achieved by 2015 and it is an uphill task unless the world community fires on all cylinders. Scholars, Intellectuals and members of the civil society have written and worked endlessly on the MDGs, the needs and gaps and the strategies to achieve them. This essay is a creative attempt to delineate some strategies to achieve the MDGs in India given the urgency. Let’s deal with the issue blow by blow.

Eradicating poverty and hunger

Here is what needs to be done, among other things:

  1. Kill corruption because corruption kills everything else! It is thanks to corruption that government programmers are not able to deliver at the grassroots level. Students should be suggested in schools to question their parents in government employment on whether or not they take bribe. Corruption and the ‘Sanskritisation of corruption’ is India’s greatest bane!
  2. A culture of helping the poor should be initiated. The PM, MPs, CEOs to begin with, can announce that they will donate ten per cent of their income per month to the poor because they have more than what they need.
  3. The Prime Minister can observe a fast on Mondays and ask the people to follow. The food saved should go to the poor. One Indian PM in the past has probably even worked on this idea.

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Not many know that the free blogs have ads on them

9 November 2009 25 comments

Advertisements from the user side are not allowed on the free blogs (only VIP blogs and self-hosted blogs can have them).  However, many users/bloggers think that there are no ads on blogs. That is not true. does show Google AdSense ads on free blogs to help pay the bills.

However, the ads are "discreet." The dictionary meaning of discreet is ‘careful not to cause embarrassment or attract too much attention by keeping something secret.’ You can yourself see the ads on your blogs. The ads are usually visible to users not logged in to WordPress and visitors who aren’t regular (which may mean that only a small percentage of visitors may be seeing them, so says WordPress). If you don’t want WP to show ads on your blogs, you can buy the no Ads upgrade in 30 dollars.

Here is an example of an ad on this wordpress blog. Some minutes ago, I  searched in Google "save water hindi poem" and landed on one of my most popular posts: the poem on saving water. Just below the poem the Google AdSense ad was sitting. Here is the snapshot. This is how an ad looks like most of the time on the free blog:

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Photo: What a beautiful cycle

8 November 2009 18 comments

Sometimes some handicraft item looks so beautiful. This hand-made cycle made of aluminium wires is so beautiful! I bought it in 20 Rupees near Rajghat, New Delhi (it was also available at Lal Qila). This is arguably the world’s most beautiful cycle. The guy was also selling motorcycles, rickshaws etc. and every item was breathtakingly beautiful!:)

Cycle photo, bi cycle, handicraft


सर्दी-खांसी: A humorous Hindi poem on Cold and Cough

5 November 2009 7 comments

This is a short Hindi poem on cold and cough/common cold. I am suffering from cold and cough from almost three days now and ended up writing these Hindi lines (poem) on the issue. This Hindi poem will be liked by kids and could also be seen as a Hindi poem/slogans on health, nature (weather), headache, winter etc. Click here to read all Hindi posts/poems on this blog. I aim to write a lot of Hindi poems for kids/children who search for Hindi poems and slogans on various issues/themes. Feel free to submit me a request for Hindi poems or slogans on any topic for non-profit social purposes.

सर्दी-खांसी से बुरा हाल है Cold and cough
डॉक्टर को दिखाया है
हालत सुधर रही है
ढेरों कैप्सूल खाया है!

जब सर्दी-खांसी हो जाती है
मन चिडचिडा हो जाता है
नाक बहती रहती है
कुछ भी नहीं भाता है!

भगवान् बड़े रोग दे दे
पर दे न कभी सर्दी-खांसी
कुछ खास नुकसान तो नहीं होता
पर मन में छायी रहती उदासी!

सर में थकान सी रहती है
सब भारी-भारी लगता है
किसी काम में दिल नहीं लगता
बस सोने का मन करता है!

नाक सुड-सुड करता है
आवाज अजीब हो जाती है
कुछ दिन आदमी नहीं नहाता
छीकें खूब आती हैं!

मैं तो इतना हेल्थी हूँ
फिर भी सर्दी लग जाती है
प्रकृति के आगे जोर नहीं चलता
सर्दी-खांसी सालाना आती है!

Also see (ये कवितायेँ भी देखें) these Hindi poems liked by kids and adults:

    दिल्ली की गर्मी [Hindi poem on Delhi’s weather/summer season]
    मेरा हिन्दुस्तान [Hindi poem on India, Indian culture, life, patriotism etc.]
    पानी बचाएँ बने महान [Hindi poem on the need for saving water, environment, conservation]

Copyright: Vikas


Some reasons why you must use Windows Live Writer for offline blogging

5 November 2009 12 comments

You need offline blogging tools if you badly miss the following aspects with your WordPress or BlogSpot in-built editor: write your post without any internet connection, save a local draft on your machine, speed, easy uploading and editing of pictures, cross post to multiple blogs, MS Word-esque ease etc. If you are not using an offline blog tool/editor/software, then you are missing a lot in life and blogging. Off line blogging, simply put, is doing it offline and then needing the connection for some seconds to publish it online on your blog.

Offline blogging is much easier and highly recommended. Windows Live Writer is without doubt the best offline blogging software tool. Here are some quick reasons on why you should must use it and what you are losing if you are not. These points (only indicative and not exhaustive) are solely based on my experience but I have yet to find a person who is not happy with the offline blogging tool called the Windows Live Writer.

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